Chevening – EFT scholarship
for postgraduate studies in the UK
Chevening is a British scholarship scheme for talented people, intended to support one year postgraduate study programmes in the United Kingdom. The programme is mainly funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with some contributions from higher education institutions and other partners in the UK.

In 2012 the British Embassy in Sarajevo and EFT will be awarding the Chevening – EFT scholarship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Chevening – EFT scholarship is a joint project of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Energy Financing Team Group. The scholarship has been administered in southeast Europe since 2010.

The Chevening – EFT scholarship will enable a successful candidate from Bosnia and Herzegovina to experience a world-renowned educational system at some of the leading universities in the UK. The main goal of the programme is to give a successful applicant in Bosnia and Herzegovina the opportunity to apply the skills he/she has acquired abroad and to strengthen the ties between educational, scientific, research and other institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the UK.

The Chevening – EFT scholarship will fund a year of postgraduate study in the UK. This includes:
  • Tuition fees
  • Student visa
  • Travel costs to and from the UK
  • A book allowance
  • A monthly allowance to cover living expenses

What courses does the scholarship cover?

The Chevening – EFT scholarship will be awarded to applicants studying:
  • Law
  • Media studies
  • EU Integration
  • Economics
  • International relations
  • Environment/climate change

Who can apply?

Candidates for the Chevening – EFT scholarship should:
  • Be citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Be postgraduate students who have already begun a career in their chosen field
  • Be committed to returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina on completion of their studies and using the skills and knowledge acquired in the UK
  • Possess high academic potential, or potential in playing a leading role in the future of their country
  • Have an excellent track record illustrating their achievements in their chosen field of work
  • Show a clear ambition to contribute to the social and economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The selection process is public, transparent and based exclusively on the grade of individual qualities shown by the applicants.

How to apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Chevening – EFT scholarship, you can find more information at the Chevening programme website. Visit

For any questions on the scholarships or application process please contact the British Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Only applications submitted via the Chevening programme website at will be considered. Applications submitted in any other way will not be considered.


British Embassy Sarajevo
Tina Ujevica 8
71000 Sarajevo
Tel:  +387 (0)33 282 200
British Council Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ljubljanska 9 71000
Tel:  +387 (0)33 250 220